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Fast, Easy, Reliable
AIRnetTM Uses non-corrosive materials only:
• Eliminates risk of pollution.
• Delivers constant quality air from point of generation to point of use.
• Maintains the required system pressure.
• Reduces netwotk maintenances.
• Protects downstream manufacturing processes.
AIRnetTM smooth inner aluminium surface has numerous beffits :
• No resistance of air circulation.
• Minimal Network maintenance.
• No energy waste.
High Compatibility
• Can be connected to any existing equipment.
• Can be connected to any existing network.
• Allows for future network extensions.
• Continuously evolving product.
Quick To Install
• Lightweight yet robust and easy to cut, AIRnet aluminium pipes can be installed safely by just one person without any training.
• The polymer fittings provide perfect alignment, elimating the nedd for welding, gluing or crimping.
• Pipes up to Ø25mm(1") can be tightened by hand, with instant air tightness.
• The system can be pressurized immediately after assembly, limiting downtime to a strict minimum.
AIRnet 10 Year Guarantee
In line with the high quality performance or our AIRnet product range, we are granting our customer with a 10 year guarantee on our AIRnet fittings and aluminium pipes against any damages resulting from material defect.
The AIRnet compressed air piping system is a complete solution from source to production thanks to its high quality aluminium pipes, its range of aluminium and polymer fittings from Ø 20-80mm (3/4"-3") and variety of specialized
The AIRnet piping system is resistant to corrosion, mechanical shocks, thermal variations and outdoor weather conditions.
AIRnet's thread assembly, system cleanness and easy disassembly mean full reusability, and full control over the network,
• O-ring ensures an airtight ft.
• Resistant to vibration.
• No risk of corrosion.
• Easy system maintenance
• No energy waste.
AIRnet 10 year guarantee
In line with the high quality performance of our AIRnet product range, we are guarantee on our AIRnet fittings and aluminium pipes against any damages resulting from material defect.
AIRnet Fitting Design
New design increasing grip, strength and safety (with stainless steel clinch ring)
Notches enable you to tightly secure the AIRnet spanner, without damaging the nut itself.
Very large inner body diameter eliminates the flow resistance and pressure drop.
4. Flow guide reduces the pressure drop.
Part number and diameter are embossed
AIRnet uses a single assembly method for all diameters, ensuring the shortest possible assembly time, from 1.5 minutes for the smallest to 4 minutes for the largest diameters.
AIRNET VS. Traditional Galvanized PIpes

• Smooth surface.
Low friction factor.
Low initial pressure drop.( E.g. In a system an air demand of 110 I/s, designed as a 400 m long of Ø 50 mm (2") pipes with P=7 bar, the pressure drop (
ΔP) equals 0.2bar.
Aluminium and polymer fittings are corrosion-free.
No risk of corrosion when cuttings the alumminium. VEry low risk of leakage, which is not related to corrosion.
Lightweight pipes : a standard Ø 50 mm (2") diameter pipe weighs less than 5 kg (11lbs)
Short manual cutting time.
Fast deburring of the pipe. Pipes can be simply pushed into the fitting.
The fittings can be tightened by hand and secured with a spanner.
Modifying the network is easy : the fittings and pipes can be simply disassembled and re-used.
Standard painted blue (compressed air) or green (inert for east network identification.

  • Rough surface.
• Friction factor is almost double of an alumium pipe.
• High intial pressure drop.(E.g. In asystem with an air demand of 110 l/s, designed as a 400 m long ring of Ø50 mm (2") pipes with P=7 bar, the pressure drop
( ΔP) equals 0.37 bar).
• Corrosion protection depends on galvanization quality.
• When cutting the pipe, the galvanization is removed. The connection poses a high risk of corrosion at low level points where water can stangate, resulting a high risk of leakage.
• Heavy pipes : a standard Ø50 mm(2") pipe weighs more than 25 (55 lbs)
• Very long manual cutting time, electrical cutter may generate metallic dust.
• Threading the pipe requires certain level of experience to avoid future leakage.
• The galvanized fittings need to be tightened using a spanner.The risk of leakage depends on the quality of the thread.
• Modifying the network is often difficult : after disassembly, the pipes have to be cut, changed, threaded and re-assembled.
• Pipes need to be painted in the appropriate color, adding to the total cost.
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Air Distribution System (AIRnet)

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